Dec 10 2010

Adrien Brody naked and flaunting his huge dong

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If you are into these great fake pics of your favorite celeb hunks showing off
some ripped bodies and huge dicks, then this amazing pic of Adrien Brody will
really make you drool.

adrien brody nude

He is looking as cute as ever, only this time without
any clothes on and flaunting that humongous dick just for your viewing
pleasure. And those eyes of his will just make you fall in love.

Join Adrien Brody with Taylor Lautner and have some fun!

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Aug 03 2010

Taylor Lautner naked pic

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Thanks to SupernaturalTwilight

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Jun 25 2010

Taylor Lautner blowjob!

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Thanks to SupernaturalTwilight

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Apr 05 2010

Amazing Taylor Launter’s dick

God this is one of my favorite pictures of Taylor Lautner’s dick. I know it’s a Taylor Lautner fakes picture, but it is so well done that it makes my mouth dry and my own cock hard. I wish that I was crawling up on that white couch with Taylor Lautner, pulling his dick out just like that and then sucking and fucking that hot male celeb like he has never been fucked before.

Taylor Launter dick

I hope that you are enjoying all my Taylor Lautner photos and I will continue to update the site with Taylor Lautner shirtless pics as time goes by.

See full gallery here

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Apr 05 2010

My favorite pictures of Taylor Lautner

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This is a picture of Taylor Lautner waiting for me to come to his opening debut. Hahah! I wish, but he looks sharp here in this tux doesn’t he? I love when a guy looks all clean and you know that you’d be able to shuck him out of his clothes and take advantage of his good looks and hard dick. Who wouldn’t love Taylor Lautner shirtless and ready to play?

Taylor Launter naked

I know that I have looked around all over the web to find my pictures of Taylor Lautner and even though Taylor Lautner isn’t naked or shirtless it is a fine paparazzi shot.

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Apr 05 2010

Is Taylor Launter gay?

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In this paparazzi shot Taylor Lautner looks like he is on a mission. I wonder if he is running towards a interview or a hot gay hookup? Yeah, I know no one knows if hei s gay, bisexual or straight, but I am thinking gay. I mean in all of his interviews he won’t say one way or not, isn’t that sorta of admitting it.

taylor launter gay

I at least like to think that Taylor Lautner is gay, it makes me feel a bit better about drooling all over these paparazzi pictures and those fakes with the hard dick in his hand.

Is he really a gay? Here are the proofs!

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Apr 05 2010

Some of fresh Taylor Launter pics

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Ok is it me or does Taylor look like he has something shoved up his ass in this shot? I think the paparazzi lost his focus because this just doesn’t look like a great shot for Taylor Lautner. Those shorts sure do seem loose. I wonder if under those shorts his cock is swinging back and forth loose as well. I wonder if celebs go without undies sometimes? If so I’d sure love to get some paparazzi shots of Taylor Lautner without those pants and undies wouldn’t you?

pics of taylor launter

I am sure I am not the only one that would love to see Taylor Lautner’s dick in a candid shot by a paparazzi.

See full gallery here

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Apr 05 2010

Looking for Taylor Launter naked photos?

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Here is another great paparazzi shot of our sexy guy Taylor Lautner. My god even dressed he is a dreamboat. I know most people hate Paparazzi, but I like them, I get these great shots of Taylor Lautner without his knowing. When I check out these pictures of Taylor Lautner, I try to figure out if he is truly gay or not. It is hard to say, he won’t’ even tell.

pictures of taylor launter

He had that interview with Rolling Stone and he wouldn’t even give them a solid yes or no answer.

See naked photos (and fakes) of Tayler!

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Apr 05 2010

Naked Taylor Launter’s cock is in his hand!

Although I love seeing Taylor Lautner shirtless and his cock in his hand in those Taylor Lautner fakes, I love the paparazzi style photos that are taken. In this one he looks so cocky and ready to take on the entire world. It is that kiss my ass attitude that he has sometimes that turns me on. I heard through the gossip wire that he told the big movie boys to kiss his ass he wasn’t playing the dating game for his pr ratings. Now that took some balls.

naked taylor launter

We love your morals and your hot body Taylor Lautner!

Here is your freakin’ sexy gallery!

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Apr 05 2010

Taylor Lautner shirtless pics with strained cock

I think this is one of the better Taylor Lautner fakes around. The next seems to be attached ok and I love how they have his cock in his hand like he likes to jerk off like the rest of us. I bet he doesn’t get much hand time with his being so damn sexy. I am starting to really get into this blog and the more Taylor Lautner shirtless pics even if they are Taylor Lautner fakes I re-fall in love.

Taylor Lautner shirtless pics

Stick with me and you’ll see a ton more of this hot teen heartthrob.

Taylor Lautner shirtless pics and hard cock pics

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