Apr 05 2010

Taylor Launter dick is hard as a rock!

I picked this Taylor Lautner photo because of the way he looks into the camera and seems to touch your soul. I can’t think of another guy I’d rather be looking at then Taylor Launter shirtless. I love the way the guy added that rock hard cock in this picture. With all that beefcake I’d want to give this hottie a little bite under a New Moon wouldn’t you?

The only thing I don’t like about this Taylor Lautner fakes is how the neck seems to be a bit too large, but overall it’s a great image.

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Apr 05 2010

Taylor Launter nude fakes

I am so glad I found so many of these Taylor Lautner fakes. I love this gym photo it makes me want to pump up his cock right there in that gym. I am surprised that he isn’t more in demand being as sexy and cute as he is, but I know he has 2 new movies that he is going to be working on. I wish he would become a gay pornstar then I’d never miss a movie of Taylor Lautner nude and pumping his iron.

Taylor Launter nude

I’m not saying I don’t own Twilight and New Moon, but I still think Taylor Lautner nude would be better!

Look, he’s nude here!

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Mar 15 2010

Taylor Lautner gay paparazzi shots!

Welcome to my blog about Taylor Lautner. I think I fell in love with him the first time I saw him. I am not sure if it is the eyes, his drop-dead good looks or his body that made me fall head over heels, but I am and I’m devoting this blog to him. This first picture set is a fake obviously fake, but this is how I see Taylor Lautner naked in my dreams. I dream that my man Taylor Lautner is gay and that he wants to see my rock hard cock as it throbs in my hand as I jerk on it while thinking about him.

Taylor Lautner gay

Looking for more of Taylor Launter?

I’ve got some scandalous shots of Taylor Launter, get in and see!

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