Apr 05 2010

Taylor Launter nude fakes

I am so glad I found so many of these Taylor Lautner fakes. I love this gym photo it makes me want to pump up his cock right there in that gym. I am surprised that he isn’t more in demand being as sexy and cute as he is, but I know he has 2 new movies that he is going to be working on. I wish he would become a gay pornstar then I’d never miss a movie of Taylor Lautner nude and pumping his iron.

Taylor Launter nude

I’m not saying I don’t own Twilight and New Moon, but I still think Taylor Lautner nude would be better!

Look, he’s nude here!

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7 Responses to “Taylor Launter nude fakes”

  1. lura guehn says:

    Omg u can SOOOO tell that thats a fake ! and i know it is ……..so dont call me a dumbass for saying that ok? soo as i was going to say, i DREAM of taylor lautner nude ALL THE TIME!!!!! i LOVE him i imagine myself on the bed stripping him nude and him stripping me nude …i see him sticking his cock up my ass and making me cum! we would be in the sower together if i was older

  2. sasja says:

    dumbass! dumbass! dumbass! dumbass! love him love him!!!!! LOVE HIM NUDE!!!!

    (but…but… it shudent be fake. buuu huuu. :( :( :(

    just teasing you. hi hi I need som times wen I can laught.

  3. IwantTaylorLautner'sDick says:

    I want tht dick in mii gay @$$ as deep as it can go!!!!!!

  4. zack says:

    damn thats big

  5. f***me says:

    he’s so fucking sexy!

  6. f***me says:

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  7. Biboi says:

    I just cummed

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